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Friday, May 1, 2015

Really ~ no joke??

Ninja Captain,  Alex J. Cavanaugh  gave Teddy and The Artful Blogger a shout-out on his A-Z Challenge, "X" day! Terrific!!!

Teddy and I laughed and laughed, but then we realized... 'oh my goodness, really ~ this is no joke??'

So in honor and appreciation to Alex, we're looking for ninja jokes to display, but gosh darn, they're so hard to find! Get it? (Ninjas are so hard to find?) Oh well.

Thank you, Alex!


  1. Technically I'm offline today, but glad I peeked in to see this. No joke! Was happy to feature you. Thanks for your friendship and visiting my crazy posts.

    1. I enjoy your 'crazy' posts! (what, like mine aren't?)

      Thanks for your friendship. Hurry offline.

  2. Awe, that was so cool of Alex to give you a shout out! Gotta love blogger love!


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