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Monday, May 4, 2015


uh-oh education # 643

You're invited to Battle of the Bands!

No requirements! You don't have to join this music blog-hop to vote.

I have a battle of the bands post up for two more days. I'm playing two different versions of the same song. You're invited to listen, and vote for the version your like.  Put your vote in the comment box, and any remarks you want to add.

Click here > dcrelief ~ Battle of the Bands

This song is "Turn the Page."
Bob Seger's version.
Metallica's version.

~and now back to our regularly scheduled program - LOL.

Friday, May 1, 2015

ninja #3

ninja # 2

Really ~ no joke??

Ninja Captain,  Alex J. Cavanaugh  gave Teddy and The Artful Blogger a shout-out on his A-Z Challenge, "X" day! Terrific!!!

Teddy and I laughed and laughed, but then we realized... 'oh my goodness, really ~ this is no joke??'

So in honor and appreciation to Alex, we're looking for ninja jokes to display, but gosh darn, they're so hard to find! Get it? (Ninjas are so hard to find?) Oh well.

Thank you, Alex!