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Sunday, October 12, 2014



  1. Good one. Hey, I just stopped by to thank you for sharing your story. I'm really sorry to hear what had to go through and are still going through. My Bollywood Princess Angie is a Fybro patient too. Did you say you broke your back? Please say that was a figure of speech. I'm not very sharp today (when am I... good point).

  2. which means they're now full of crap LOL What else is new? :)

  3. Hiya Blue, hope you're smiling...some better too.
    Today I am very mobile! and careful. 1984 I broke my back at the waist line; the bones that broke were absorbed by my body... my inner zombie, I suppose. A quarter of an inch more, I'd be paralyed. Surgery was not an option; never will be.
    Lo and behold! January 2013 I had inherited my parents' home and was headed, carefully, down the basement to do laundry. I slipped and went all the way down... I could hear bones cracking and popping. Lemme tell you I'm not religious but somebody had HIS hand on me. Twisted my leg a bit and it started turning blue... kinda like... nah. But I convinced myself to stand up. And I felt great! For the first time since 1984 I didn't feel any back pain.
    Doc did x-rays. "Wow," he said, "all those years trying to get your spine in place without any luck... you toss yourself down the stairs and are in perfect alignment!!" 29 years Blue... imagine.. I had given up hope of ever being able to do so many things. Today I work on keeping the muscles in better shape. Doctor has me stand in the corner and do kenetics, or exercise on my bed. Gosh long story! Ironically my husband left in 2011 and has no idea I am so much healthier. He simply couldn't handle my disabilities or limitations. That's okay... I'm happy and content. Well, I might move the washing machine & dryer! LOL
    Thanks so much for asking though. For now I'll continue to think, and pass along healthy requests to HIM, for you and your princess. Life is tough, keep the love alive no matter what. Get those little riding carts at the grocery store and shop together!!! No racing! Forgive the long response.

    And yes! M&Ms were my pain relief. My chiro got me started on them. Now it's just a small once in a blue moon! I hate pills.

  4. Oh Dezmond - you have such a way with words. Could we possibly do a trailer?

  5. You tossed yourself down the stairs and were in perfect alignment? That's just unbelievable. (You should see the look on my face.) This must've been the best thing that ever happened to you - falling. Unbelievable.

    Your chiro got you started on them?

  6. Blue, Blue, Blue, those were the chiro's words... "you tossed yourself"... Fibro screws with your balance. Some call it the drunken walk. But yes, I slipped and went down 25 steps and laid flat out onto concrete. My legs twisted in the handrail's post. The first thing to hit the floor was my hips - the last thing was my head. All the popping was the vertebre going into place!! Absolutely astounding. You should have seen the x-rays. Unbelievable was right. And you shoulda seen my face.

    Yes, all those years my Dr. always had M&Ms on the counter at the exit window. I'd pay my bill and grab 3-4 candies, and get ready for the long painful drive home. On the way the pain would ease up... so... I began buying bags of M&Ms.

    What normally was a 20 minute drive took me 40 minutes. I was so scared to drive. Couldn't take pain pills either... at least not until I was very close to home. With Fibro, most pills tend to knock me out for hours. No life that way. So if M&Ms were doing something for 20 mins of the drive... hey... I wasn't worried about addiction.

    Dark chocolate has some great healing properties. Of course I didn't know that in 1984. Tryptophan is a relaxant found in dark chocolate, turkey, chicken, other stuff. That's why ppl get so sleepy Thanksgiving day. Sugar can do the same. It may hype for a short while but then it calms you down. I can remember my Mom giving us a tiny piece of candy bar and then we'd be napping in no time! LOL MOM.

    It is the best thing that ever happened to me. Just think... 1/4 inch from instant paralyzation (sp) for 29 years. Some years in therapy every week. Braces, exercise, nothing worked to bring it closer than 1/2 inch. But I was grateful to get to that point. I try to be very careful. tripping sends me into a freak out. I immediately lay down on my bed and do my exercises.

    Gosh - so long of an answer - again. Sorry Blue. It's just - I feel there are things coming your way that will be meant for your healing. Something might not make sense... and yet give great benefit.

    The more relaxed you can become the better things will get. It releases toxins trapped in the muscles and other spots. Distilled is my hero. I drink a glass every day - sometimes two. Last year I drank six a day but my body had so much gunk to release, having been out of alignment for so long. But I have to be careful with Fibro and distilled water; it tends to lower my potassium level. And my body doesn't make potassium anymore... okay enough said for now!

    Be well... and hug the wife often... but not too hard if she has Fibro - everything hurts. But it releases endorphins and those guys are great for healing. Bye for now.

  7. Aw....that's a cute one! Blessings on your day.

  8. Thank you. I hope you don't mind but I added your web page to my other blog, dcrelief. Went by there today - beautiful photo with the orange tree.
    Blessings to you.


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