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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Name this plant - don't ask me - I don't know


  1. I don't know, but I do know that it's circumcised. (A little stubby, though, no?)

  2. Okay, I have since Google-d this bad boy and her are the results. Like, who knew??

    "A vine producing penis-shaped passion fruit has been discovered by a gardener in the Brazilian city of San Jose de Ribamar, in the country’s north. Normally round, the fruit is native to South America and its tart pulp can be found flavoring everything from sweet desserts to caipirinhas, the Brazilian national cocktail.

    Although none of the penis-shaped variety are ripe yet, the woman who grew them, Maria Rodrigues de Aguiar Farias, 53, told the news site G1 so many visitors want to see the plants that she’s started charging admission.

    "I charge two reals to look, 15 for taking photographs, and 20 to shoot video," she said. (That's a little over $1 to see, $9 for a snapshot and $12 for video)."

    Blue, dear... yes, Hulk's Thingie would be a catchy name. Feel free to add this to your new app stuff!!


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